Saturday, January 12, 2019

Organic Grey Velour Joni Dress

 What a wonderful book, Tilly and the Buttons's STRETCH, what a great pattern the Joni is, and what great fabric from Stoff & Still.
Seeing my massive boobs in the pics I don't know if this apropiate to work in my school, but it feels great and cool (temperature like). I am gonna repeat both, fabric and pattern, although I am proud to announce I have convinced myself of not doing them together. 

Well, nothing special to report here... the neckline is tricky, mine came up looking good, but it is bulky inside, and I used a really thin cotton jersey, and applied it no as the instructions tell us, but as a facing, and then encaging all seam allowances inside a 2cm ruleau, hand sewn to the wrong side of the dress, invisible. No big ugly zig zags for me in a dress like this. Too sporty, I think.

The same for the sleeves and dress bottom, all hand sewn. 
I copied the pattern to tissue paper minus the 1.5 cm seam allowance included. I basted and tried it on to fit (it was perfect at first trial) before machine- stitched as advices. No overlock. No iron. 

For the rest, I followed the instructions, which are great. 
I think the twist in the middle front (gorgeous design hit) is too high in most of the pictures I had seen of it, and the waist tended to be very high. I decided to lengthen the soulder seams 1.5cm. Not too much, it could become too open, but this is a dress to show cleavage, do not try to make it modest. 

I made it some 5cm shorter, becasue my fabric was scarce and the pattern too long, too. In fact, I pulled out with 1.5m, hahaha! It is a wide fabric. Did I say it is a wonderful fabric? And they sell it dark blue, and it is even better. (In a mid day excursion to the shop in Goterborg, I had a weak moment and let my boyfriend pick up the colour. How sweet of me)

Well, it is a great dress, maybe not very practical for work. I plan to make a black jersey version as a night summer dress.

Red and Coral Tape Carpet

A fellow knitter gave me the idea of finally doing the carpet I needed for the 1st floor outdoors terrace door. Gather stitch, big recycled cotton jersey tape, the coral one with some lycra. I bought it in a local shop, where they had a limited number of same colour tape, only three in red. I choosed the coral to make a combination but still getting a RED carpet, even when it had some lycra in it, being it recycled. 

I used 12 mm circular kneedles an dit was a very fast but very unconfortable knitting project. In fact, both my needles BROKE in the process, the tips of them. First one, then another. I was flipping!
Well, I finished in almost 2 months, knitting only the weekends, and not for long, because it was even painful in my back, arms and hands, the bigger the worst. But it was nice to go fast. So, a good, practical and gorgeous project. I love it. 

Here in Ralvery

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Bicolored Viscose Françoise Dress

 This is my second rendition of Tilly's pattern Françoise dress, which is awesome and very becoming in wool or winter fabrics. In this case, it is a viscose that combines black and white threads in an ear pattern that appears mottled grey. I used black silk to make the collar and the lining of the dress, as I did with the previous version. The feeling of silk touching the skin is wonderful. 

I like this pattern because it is becoming to my figure, being fitted around the bust and underbust area and with a flare beginning in the waist to the bottom of the dress. 

I followed the traditional method of marking the pattern pieces with tailor tucks, basting it, trying it on to fit it (no changes had to be made) and machine-stitching it. 

Then I constructed the collar in silk and thermofusible interlining and basted it to the right side of the dress. 
In the next stage, I marked the black silk lining with a tailor's chalk and directly stitched it with the machine, leaving one extra cm all around. I put then the lining over the dress on my dummy, right side over right side, and pin it around the neck. I stitched with the machine all the neckline, turn it towards the inside of the dress, and secured it in place with invisible hand stitches under the collar. 

I hand-sewed it along the invisible zip and around the sleeves' bottoms. I finished the lining's bottom hem with machine top-stitch along a self-encased turn. 

It is a wonderful dress and I plan to wear it in all my family reunions these holidays. 

I took these pictures after a whole morning working with kids in the winter festival, running up and down and sitting around. It felt as I wore nothing, comfortable and light, and I felt elegant and modern. I love it! I am afraid it is not going to be my last Françoise!

Saturday, December 22, 2018

The Anuual Corduroy Trousers for My Love

This is one of those not-so-flashy-but necessary projects. My mate wear these corduroy trousers in his job and one pair lasts for two or three seasons, depending on how good the corduroy is. 
Finding good quality corduroy is not an easy task these days. I have learnt to appreciate a good corduroy fabric looking at its wrong side: the threads have to appear tightly woven there. 
I found this corduroy in my trip to Sweden last summer: Stof & Still. It appears to be premium quality, but only time will confirm or deny it. 
Meanwhile, Karlos is really happy with his new pair of winter trousers. 

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Black Cotton Knitted Pullover

Well, well, well... another pullover finished!
I am really really happy with this jumper, I could wear it every day. 

After knitting three wool pullovers and realizing I do not live in Sweden, neither I work in the open, I decided to use thick cotton for my next winter knitted pullover. Cotton is not so warm as wool, but not so delicate neither. You can wash it in the washing machine with the rest of your clothes (only you better dry it flat), you can wear it directly over your skin, because it is not itchy at all, as we all know. All the wool I have tried is itchy to wear it directly on your skin. Cotton is not very warm, but when it is as thick as this, it is enough for a day indoors in my whereabouts. 

To find a thick enough cotton was not an easy task. I wanted it thick for the extra warmth and also because I wanted it to be black, and my knitting advisor told me that knitting black yarn is not easy for one's eyes. So I got myself a pair of silver metallic 5.5 circular needles, and went on to it. 

As it turned out, it was a very nice and pleasant project to make. The only cotton matching my criteria was Happy Shiny Cotton by Wool and the Gang. I was patient to wait for a good sale on their site, and BOOM!, it was mine for 56 Euros, hahaha!!!

Another advantage of this cotton is that it is very fast to knit, but it still looks delicate and drapes well.
I like to learn a new trick in every knitting project, and this time I decided to give Ann Budd's Top-Down Sweaters Book a try. As with the previous one, it was perfect. I could follow the charts painlessly, and the final fit, as you can see, is spot on.

So, very happy with my knew black thick cotton pullover. I will use again Ann Budd's book, and WATG's cotton again, I hope!

Here My Ravelry project.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Viscose Cobra Corsage Wrap Dress

When I saw Lady McElroy's Cobra Corsage fabric I decided it had to be mine. It is a wonderful design, and viscose crepe is a good combination. 

I decided also immediately, it had to be a wrap dress, and the Liza dress pattern from O'Shea's book is the perfect wrap dress for knit fabrics. 

Again, I made the sleeved variation with a flared skirt. I already explained in my previous rendition of this pattern, the I had to correct armholes, but maybe it was a matter of seam allowances not being included there. I must repeat I hate this method for lazy people of including seam allowances in patterns. It just adds confusion and makes it inaccurate.

Anyways, I have now my tissue pattern with all the modifications made and without seam allowances, for future use. 

It is a wonderful pattern and I will probably cut it again in the future.

It was a wonderful combination, and it has proved right. I love wearing this dress. 



Thursday, November 8, 2018

Black Organic Cotton Long Hooded Dress

This is another of my practical makes. I like to travel abroad in long dresses and I needed a winter version. This is also a dress to quickly put on to go outside for some short errand. I expect to wear it a lot.

The fabric is simply gorgeous: organic black intelock. Soft, great drape, heavy, great colour and a very good price, I totally recommend it.

I used my "Universal T-shirt" pattern, very similar to the Frankie pattern in Tilly's book. I wanted to try that one out, but why change things if they are perfect? And this pattern IS perfect for me. So, here we go for the hundredth time.
Since the fabric is Dutch, my recent trip to Amsterdam was a perfect excuse to model it.

I only spent two half days in Amsterdam, but I was able to go fabric-shopping. First, we went to Alber Cuyp market. There are 4 or 5 fabric stores there. I specailly liked Nannuci Tessuti, they had a lovely Liberty tara lawn cotton selection at good price. I bought some silk lining at a shop specialized in silk only.

Next morning we went to Nieuwe Hoogstraat, where there are a bunch of wonderful fabric and yarn shops. 

I bought a future wool/cashmere jacket for only 63 Euros. A bargain. I could have bought lots and lots, but I am saving money to buy a new car and I am being a good girl sewing from my little stash. :-)