Thursday, April 19, 2012

Chanel Summer Dress

Well, this is not me. A friend of mine asked if I could make her a dress for a big familly party. I was to choose the fabric (a Chanellike tweed fabric combining coral red and bone cotton) and the design.

The pattern was from Patrones magazine. In the first fitting I was happy to see that no changes were necessary. My friend has a perfectly balanced body that filled the dress to perfection.

I finished its hems with the lining, avoiding same-material facings that would have made it too thick. Thus, I stiched the lining right sides together at the neckline, trimmed the allowances and turned it inwards. I finished the armsythes by handsewing them to the fusible interfacing, and then completed sewing the lining to them also by hand, 3 mm form the rolled hem. I also saw the lining to the zipper in the back.

I followed all my new tricks learned from Shaeffer's couture techniques book, and I can easily see the good results they are giving. The final result was this masterpiece:

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Blue Checked Cotton Shirt

I got this double sized blue tartan fabric in telas. It is 100% cotton and so sweet to my skin. The pattern is from my favourite pattern magazine of all time:

(I don't even know how many pieces I have got out of this single magazine)

...and fits me like a glove. I didn't have to touch it an inch.

I still got some fabric left, which I keep for a short-sleeved blouse, also out of the same magazine!