Thursday, January 19, 2017

Annual Corduroy Pants for Boyfriend

The man just loves his pants. Carlos is very tall and slender, so he needs his trousers custom made. He is lucky to have me! ;-)
These are another rendition of the pattern I made three years ago. He wears them a lot, every day at his job as a postman, so they last a couple of winters. Therefore, I have to make at least a pair every year. This year I decided to make two at the same time.
Good corduroy is not easy to find. It is a pitty, but I cannot find any good quality corduroy here in Catalonia, so I have to buy it abroad. The darker brown is from Lisboa, not very good quality; they won't last much, I am afraid. The lighter ones, I found it as a remnant in Barcelona last year. That seems better. I think I am developing an ability to judge good corduroy, but of course that is useless if I have to buy it online. Sigh!