Monday, October 17, 2011

Grey Jersey Summer Dress

I've had this jersey in my shelves for years now! It was a beautiful print, but until recently didn't get the inspiration to make this dress. I saw it in Burda, proposed for a non elastic cotton, but also checked, and there... I saw the light. The result (modestly) is awsome.

Animal Print!!

I've always loved this print... it is punk and sophisticated at the same time, and becoming also! This is a light summer cotton. The pattern is Burda's, and perfect for me. This the second version of this blouse, and probably won't be the last one.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pasley Gauze Skirt and Halter Blouse

I bought this gauze maybe a year ago, it was a cheap bargain and although I did not know then what to do with it, I decided to buy it and wait for inspiration. Some weeks ago I saw this skirt in a fashion magazine and I immediatly thought about my pasley gauze. I did not need a pattern, I simply cut the total lenght of the skirt with all the wide of the fabric. In the first try proved to be to big, so I cut it to fit me.

I really love this technique, sewing parallel stitches (1cm appart) with an elastic thread in the under reel of the machine. The result is similar somehow to the honeycomb pattern but elastic. I sew like 12 cm of this pattern, in the superior part of the skirt. I finished it with a zigzag and burned the remaining littler fringes. Finally, I had to sew an underlining of the same fabric because it was so transparent. I love the feel of the skirt moving sheerly about me when I walk, and the colous are wonderful. There was some material left, so I decided to make this halter blouse with a bow at the side of my neck. I can wear both together in an outstanding outfit. Please check the pants in this picture. It is one of the very scarse occasions where I managed to make perfect fitting, becoming and confortable pants (see Gertie's on the subject...). They are 2010's.


Friday, October 14, 2011

Nude Embroidered Summer Skirt

I liked this fabric when I went shoppint in Barcelona last summer (see article ON THE HUNT). It was quite expensive, so I bought only 60 cm of it. I used a pattern for the superior part, and gathered the rest of the material to form the inferior part of the skirt. I had to sew a jersey lining under it because it was so transparent. With a carefully chosen black blouse, I was really happy with the final outcome.