Friday, March 21, 2014

Corduroy Trousers For My Man


This is my third reproduction of the same pattern, and not the last, since it is just perfect, and my husband has had the same body shape since I met him almost 20 years ago (and the same hair, doesn't a girl know how to pick a husband? jeje!!).
The most characteristic about these trouser might be the self enclosed seams. The constructions process I follow is the following:
-First, cut the different pieces and sew some tailor tucks in the superior part. In the legs, I simply cut 2 cm seam allowance (I know the are the right fit).
- Cut the back darts and seam. Self-enclose it.
- Sew the front middle seam and self enclose it.
- Construct the fly, with its zipper and all.
- Make the pocket bags and the pockets.
- Unite the front and the back. Sew the inner leg seam, and self enclose it.
- Sew the side legs seams and self enclose them. Those are so unconfortable to machine stitch, because we are sewing inside the legs... but it is worth it. Just try to pull the seam as you sew, to sew it flat.
- Put the waist band, with the belt tabs.
- Finish securing the tabs.

I wanted to show you some important details, this time. The trousers are for work (Carlos is a postman), and he is a pocket breaker because he uses his pockets lots of times everyday. So, this time, after having learnt my lesson, I reinforced the joining part where the pocket meets the side seam (a critical spot), with some fusible interfacing and lots of machine stitches, with strong thread.

Have a look at the pocket bag, also reinforced with machine zigzag, and the zipper. Note also the belt tabs. Carlos is quite picky about those, and after many errors in my past, I've managed to make them perfect for him.