Saturday, February 27, 2016

My Sewing Nest

We have been living in this house for seven years now, and gradually we have been repairing, renovating and decorating it. It is situated in a small rural village inland Catalonia, where I also work as a primary school teacher. With the addition of some cupboards just last week, we can almost conclude the repairs of all this floor, my sewing nest included.
This room has also my walking machine, which I use every day in winter, a big freezer for food and a big cupboard for tools and other gadgets.
It is a small room, but it has a big window (to my small patio) and it is very pleasant to my senses. Being it so small, I like to have it neat and proper between sessions, since we all know haw chaotic we can be when sewing. Most of the furniture has two states, folded and spread out.
In the black cupboard, I have my patterns, magazine and sewing book collection, fabric stash and all my tools and notions.
I only put the ironing board when really need it, because the space is tight then. I use the small sleeve ironing board on the table for in-construction pressings often. Sometimes I only set the table and chair to hand sew, I set my laptop with some series on the table then. If I have to use the sewing machine, I listen to radio podcasts or music from my ipod.
I am really glad I bought my mannequin (The Shop Company), I use it in most of my projects, and I have not still learned how to drape yet, although it is a future project of mine.
The white cupboard in the left is for my shoe collection, and the white cupboard on the right is for general tools, paints, bits and pieces for house maintenance.