Monday, September 17, 2012

Summer Minishort

Summer is getting to its end, although here is still hot, and this may be one of the last projects of my season.
It was really difficult to find a pattern in my magazine collection, and finally I had to adapt (basically, giving a lot of ease everywhere) a model from Patrones which was really tight.
A problem I encountered was the fabric transparency. This has to be taken into account when shopping for fabrics. For some designs transparency might be cool, but it was a nuisance for this one. I have to be carefull on the underwear I choose!
I used fusible interlining for the upper part of the bodice and for the piece around low waist.
Here I am wearing it with my new Miss Sixty sandals, on sale in eBay.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

And Yet Antoher Retro Dress

My husband says this summer I am sewing the same dress again and again. And he may be right, I cannot stop wearing full skirts and tight bodices. They are so femenine, comfortable and chic!
Well, this was my project as I followed Carftsy's online course The Couture Dress, by Susan Khalje. The course is really interesting, specially the way it is offered by Craftsy, with all kinds of participation and interaction tools. I learned a lot, although I was not doing this dress in the "couture" way, because I thought it was not appropiate for this project. But on the one hand, I learned and applied lots of small details, as for example lining the whole bodice with (in this particular case) the same fabric, and on the other hand, I plan to sew myself a jacket this winter following all the couture procedures.
 Anyways, this is the result. I do not think the pictures make justice to the dress, since they do not capture the movement, which is the best part of these classic pattern. Do you like it?

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Quick and Sexy Miniskirt

This is one of the pieces that depend on fabric more than in craftwomanship ;-)

I bought this at the beginning of the summer and I have been thinking about the superior piece since. First I imagined it attached to the upper part of some old black jeans. I could not accept the idea of the little flounces around my already flounced belly! Finally I saw this somewhere and I welcomed it as the perfect solution: some 12 cm of black lycra, with a thick elastic band in the upper part, to be situated in my lower waist, and... voilà! It was done in 1 hour!

Here I am wearing it with an old top made with black crepe du Chine and my Nine West 12cm high sandals, so nice and confortable I could dance that night with them until 7 am!!