Saturday, June 11, 2016

Striped Coco With Gathered Sleeves Modification

I am loosing count of Coco illegal copies in my wardrobe, hehehe... Since I knocked off the first one with my own pattern, this is a non stop race to the infinite number of replicas and modifications a pattern can have. Truth is, I love my jersey short dresses in summer and this is the best pattern one can have for those. 

My inverted waist is discretly hidden, my old age rejuvenated and I can show more or less leg depending on the ocasion. Variations on necks are numberless (we saw one in my last entry), as they are in sleeves or sleevelessness!

This is one of the many possible variations on sleeves.

  I took my short sleeve pattern and modified it following Aldrich's instructions.

For the round neck, I drafted it ovr the dressform with a basting thread, staystitched it in my machine, and applied a tightened folded strip, cut with curvature, right side on right side. Then I turned it towards the inside, and topstitched with the double needle. The result is PRO! This is the best way to finish a jersey t-shirt neck by far.


Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Cotton Bag for My Knits

This is a simple project, but practical and cool. It is a bag to take my knitting projects -you can take a look at it inside the bag- anywhere and make it portably beautiful. I did not like to move my knitting around in a vulgar plastic bag!
I have been doing mends this week, and also a bunch of similar bags in white cotton to store food in the freezer, but I won't show them, they are too boring, and simply a copy of this one in several sizes, to accommodate the different meats, vegetables, fish, etc, I have to freeze.
To make this we only need two rectangles, zigzagged all around. Make a channel in the upward part doubling the fabric twice and stitching it. Then we sew it all around except for the superior channel. Finally, we pass a ribbon through the whole round twice. 
We can use both ends of the ribbon to pull the bag closed.