Sunday, June 18, 2017

Vietnam Silk Robe

My daddy and his wife Rosa went to Vietnam last year and brought me this piece of silk. I've been thinking what to make with it for a long time, but finally it was obvious I needed a new summer robe to stay indoors.
I used the same pattern I'd used for my winder robe (which will have to be renovated soon as well). It's by Burda. 
I self-enclosed all the seams, applied some facing for the collar and centre front, and made some bartacks and a belt. I did not use interfacing, the silk has body enough for a summer robe.
My daddy is now in Thailand, maybe we will have more silk soon... ;-)

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Blue Silk Classic Dress

 I love this dress! It's not the more modern thing I've ever sewn, but the fabric-pattern combination produce a retro air I love, with all that gathering and hand sewing show-off. Maybe it won't be valued by anybody but me, but hey! that is more than enough! I am currently enjoying Feud, and wearing this dress takes me straight to 50s Hollywood, haha!!!
I bought this silk to TMOS last year. It was really cheap and the fabric is gorgeous, a very good purchase. But it was difficult to find a good project for it, until I saw this pattern i a Burda magazine and felt in love.

 I love Burda patterns! I did not have to modify anything in it, and they do not have seams included, as I like it. Our library-bus has Burda magazines to let, so it was a free-pattern. I copied it in paper and now it is mine. For nothing. Great!
I used the standard procedure I always follow with woven fabric and serious pieces: mark the pattern with tailor tucks in the fabric, baste it, try in on (everything in just perfect), remove tailor tucks, and stitch it with the machine. I used thermofusible interlinning in the waist, shoulder pieces and in the neck. I covered these pieces with others in the wrong side, hand sewing them to cover all the gathered seam allowances. 
The bottom seam is also hand sewn, as the neck's facing. I put and invisible zip in the back.
Now, this is silk and cannot be washed, so careful when wearing it. 
It's a classic!