Sunday, March 25, 2012


I've done a new curtain for my sewing nest.

I was quite lost trying to choose the pattern, or the material I wanted whatsoever . So it was K who took the decision: striped. I think it was a good choice, it is lively (rather than elegant and boring). Here:

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Green Wool Skirt

I bought this fabulous green wool (100%) in a beautiful fabric store in my hometown, Lleida.

I was doing several tests regarding the inferior part, gathering it and pleating in many different ways. Finally I realized the fabric was so thick that nothing like that was becoming, so I simply cut it in widening lateral lines. The skirt is quite nice comined with black, and really very warm.

My sewing is clearly benefiting from C. B. Shaeffer's book, in many aspects, interfacing, lining, properly applying hooks, finishing the seams and hems... I am really happy with my learning.

For this skirt, I made the pattern all by myself (also proud:-).

Animal Print Jersey Dress

And yet another example of my "universal T-shirt" pattern, this time made longer to become a dress. The special thing her is the print of the fabric, and also the comfortable and becoming pattern, which I used so many times I suspect it has become a basic.