Sunday, July 24, 2011

Red Long Dress

I got this fabric in a remnants shop because the tone of red was simply perfect and the composition of the material: soft, with very good fall.
Once at home I had serious doubts about it, because it could become quite tacky, if you know what I mean. The combination or marriage between the design and the material is the most important thing in creating your own clothes, even more important than the actual make or craftsmanship of the pieces, in my opinion, and key to success.
It was my husband who gave me the idea: a long dress, long to your feet. Wow!, I thought, the glamour! Summer was really near, so I decided to save it for now. In the meanwhile, I found this design in a Patrones magazine, and I imagined it a very good marriage with my red cotton/Lycra.

A good tip the magazine instructions gave me was to sew an elastic band along the superior rim at the back to prevent it from falling down with the weight of the dress or the movements of my body. It really worked. Regarding the making, I only regret the gathering under my breasts, which I realize should have been mostly in the center, rather than distributed all along the front.

Once I finished my dress, I had the opportunity to wear in a wedding, and I can modestly say, it was a success. I'm wearing a pair of red really high sandals we bought in the Hustler shop at The Strip, in Hollywood. The glamour!!

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