Sunday, August 21, 2011

My New Sewing Nest

I am proud and happy to present my new sewing nest.

We had a foldaway table in the kitchen we never used, and I had the idea of installing it under a window, next to a very practical piece of furniture with a foldable table for the sewing machine. Yesterday was a saturday and my husband - Karlos- and me decided it was time to do some DIY... we were succesful at the first try, and here I present it:
It has everything you need close at hand. In the black shelves on the right I have my sewing basket, magazines, fabrics, and all the necessary gadgets. I can put my computer on the table, since I like sewing watching American TV serials. I have my machine clos at hand and also, and very importantly, my ironing board. My mum taught me that having your iron near and hot was the best trick at hand to success. And she was so right... I recomend to iron every seam you sew before sewing the next.

And here you can see how my sewing corner looks when I am not sewing...

I am so happy with it! Having a luminous and confortable place to sew is crucial to find motivation to work.

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