Thursday, October 18, 2012

Formal Dresses For My Nieces

These two are my awsome nieces, and her mother asked me to make them some dresses to attend a formal party. She gave me some ideas from a catalogue, and I decided on this style.
To find two appropiate fabrics -different, but coordinated, as her mother and I wanted- was a little bit diffcult and limited my choice quite a lot, but we finally decided on this piqué in grey/pink. It was a little bit boring, but ellegant and beautiful.
I took the pattern from Burda magazine, but I had to make it four times smaller, so my recently acquired pattern-making habilities came up handy.
I was really happy with the result, but three days before the party, when their parents tried them on, they realized they were far too small. They had just grown a lot during the last week (after some bad cold), and although they managed to put one dress on, they had real trouble to take it off! So, in two days, I had to undo both dresses (dress itself, undelining and facings!!!) and resew them again. I even took them one afternoon to work (I had some free time there that day) and I was sewing hiding in a corner (relax, nobody saw me).
Well, as you can see, the dresses finally were fine, and they have been wearing them in several occasions this summer, but I learned how difficult is to fit dresses to children, specially if they do not live with you.

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