Saturday, December 29, 2012

Long Skirt: My Own Design AND Pattern

Well, I am so enthusiastic about this I can not stop planing new projecs with my new learnt ability! Thanks to the wonderful Aldrich's pattern making book,

Metric Pattern Cutting for Women's WearI can finally made my own patterns!!! Her system is mathematical, effective, Oh! wonderful!. Last summer I was practicing drawing the basic blocks, and finally I decided it was worth a try with a real project. This skirt was the perfect project to start with, becasue I always have to alter the comercial patterns to adjust them to my real proportions.
First, I draw the basic skirt block, and then cut it and spread the parts to get a flared long skirt pattern. I was methodicall thorough and through, making first a toile, which already proved perfect, and then cutting the real fabric on the true bias.
I followed all my recently learnt advices from Khalje, Shaeffer and Hirsh to sew the zipper, to apply the underlining, to cut the fabric with the toile and then stitching it all around, to let the skirt hang before marking the hem, etc, etc.
The result was simply perfect.

On with my following project, hello paternmaking, goodbye commercial patterns!

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