Sunday, February 10, 2013

Black Lace Back Dress

Here is the product of three correlative mistakes in the process of sewing myself a little.. well, first, I bought the lace to make a panelled skirt. I draw the pattern just to find out the fabric was so scarce for that design! (1st mistake). Then I decided to make a dress inspired in:

but (and 2nd mistake, due to poor light) I cut the dress in this black cotton/lycra just across the grain. Now my options, with the sleeves cut, and half the cotton/lycra gone, where fewer and fewer, so I had to be brave and take this as an oportunity to dare (no much choice neither). Finally I used the left lace to make the back of the dress. I could look better, but the dress is quite nice. What do you think?

Here wearing it with my Timberland lace-ups, my favourite boots of all times. Too bright tights, at least in the picture, I hope they were not that glittering in real :-(!

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