Sunday, June 7, 2015

Maternity Dresses

My friend Meri is expecting!

 And while she happily expects, she has to actually wear clothes. The baby is due two months from now, so we decided she was gonna need some summer dresses. 

For the purple one, we bought this wonderful interlock in Only Organic. It's sweet, soft and a beautiful shade of purple. I used my Universal T-shirt pattern, and modified it by adding "the tent" structure as explained in Armstrong's book. Simply you slash the pattern open from breast point down and open it, add also some flare to the sides, and voilà!

We bought this knit jersey at Telas. Meri loves the pattern and colours. I copied another friend's top with the rub-off method I've learned recently form Lincecum's book. It was a sleeveless pattern with some pleats over the breasts that made room for the large belly. The braces come together in the back for more stability.
Now she can show off her happiness in style!

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