Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Red and White Striped Cotton Coco

 This is just another coco-copycat dress. As I explained in my first one, Tilly's design was an inspiration for me to make my own Coco pattern following Aldrich's book instructions.
It is a wonderful design, I must say, specially with a cotton double sided ponte like this.

This dress has to be made in a jersey fabric, since it is a flat design with no darts, but we do not need any extra ellasticity in the fabric, so cotton is alright, specially thik, heavy cotton is excellent here.
I found this fabric in The fabric Godmother, and it is double sided, striped on the one side, and plain red in the other, so I decided to use this at my advantage by making the sleeves and neck in contrasting plain red.

As for the neck, I first put a funnel neck, by my stylist told me to make some collar positioned over the stripes for a better contrast. I used Tilly's Françoise dress collar, adapted over the dressfrom to this dress' neck cut.

I think it is lovely, really sweet to the skin, lively and becoming, I love it!

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  1. Great dress, I love the contrast between the stripes and sleeves, the fabric looks so lovely, I haven't thought about reversible fabric, it takes the hassle of trying to get matching colours (lightbulb moment) thank you. The collar works perfectly too.

  2. Thank you for commenting, Lynsey! Good old cotton, double-sided and reversible... perfect for a Coco!

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