Thursday, March 9, 2017

Blue Jeans Cotton Knitted Jersey

 I started this project inmediately after finishing my last knitted sweater. I happen to need to have always something to knit, haha! 
In this new project, my third jumper, I wanted to learn two things: how to follow instructions from a magazine pattern, and how to make inset sleeves.
It has been a total success, so Katia magazine has won me over, as well as their yarns. 
This cotton is worked with 3.5 mm needles, but I am a tight knitter, so I made it with 4.5 mms to get the gauge indicated in the pattern. Another change I made was the use of circular instead of straight needles. 
First I knitted the torso, front and back all together. When I reached the underarms, I kept the front in a cable and went on with the upper back knitting and purring till the end, making the armscyes and the neck following the magazine instructions. I closed it, and went on with the front in the same way.

I made the two sleeves also round, with no seams, until I reached the cap. then I started knitting and purring, decreasing to shape it as the instructions told me.
I made the hood and the front pocket then, and finally stitched all together.
I washed it by hand, rinsed it in a gentle cycle with the machine. I took some more water off walking over it, enveloped in a towel, and let it dry flat. 
As you can see, the result is perfect. 
I want to dedicate my work to all my sisters that have risked their happiness and even their lives to improve our lives as women, to all my sisters who suffer for being women, and for all my brothers that respect us and walk with us in equality.
Thank you Judith, for the PUSSYHAT, I'll wear it proudly!

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