Saturday, February 4, 2012


These pieces of clothing I just made are proving to be basic now, I wear them almost every day under my wool itchy, too-light or too low neklines for this cold shirts and dresses. The fact that they are buttoned under me assures my lumbars to be warm and cozy even with those low waist jeans. I happen to work in a not much warm room, so I have to make sure I am properly tucked in.

The black one is basically spandex, shiny and very soft to the touch. The grey one is cotton with some spandex in it. Since I got some extra fabric, I decided to make a confy top to wear under clothes, kind of supsenders.

Regarding the patterns, I just took them from a jersey body I have in my wardrobe. I put it over some patterning paper and draw it. We can do that if it is a very elastic fabric we are working on, without any darts, collars or other comlicated pieces. It needed several fittings to draw the lower hems, armscyes and leck line. The sleeves were a little bit complicated, and I had to remove the machine stitches and push the sleeves higher since they were too ruffled on top. Thankfully that solution proved perfect. It was also difficult to decide where to draw the neck seam, where the biassed piece joins the body. It is a little bit too open in the grey one, but perfect in the black one.

I am seriously convinced to learn some patternmaking, because more often than not, I am forced either to reshape, arrange the comercial patterns, which on the other hand tend to be less and less reliable, or to draw the pattern itself, copying or guessing it. So I think I need to know my trade better. I have decided to make a project out of it, maybe for the summer holidays. I have alredy made some research about the books I have out there and have a couple of options... but of course I need them to be in the metrical system.

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