Sunday, February 12, 2012

Jersey Minidress

This is my "Univesal T-shirt" pattern. I have reproduced it... so many times I can't count them!

It works perfectly well with jersey, elastic or knitted fabrics, because of the shape of its sleeves. Slevecaps' adjustment can be an issue with those textiles and this is a good solution. Notice where the sleeve seams are, crossing diagonally through the underarms.

Inspired but a book about Couture Techniques I am reading (more in next post), I decided to enlight it a little bit with some lapped seams, which bring three stripes together and give -together with ironing- that inverted cup shape in the inferior hem.

Here is a detail of the stripe-matching matter.
The fabric is a wool/synthetic fyber blend, very soft to the touch.
Here I am wearing it with some cotton/spandex leggins (also my work), and a pair of awsome Timberland boots.

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