Saturday, April 27, 2013

Vogue Wrap Dress

This is my second and improved attempt to the wrap dress. When I made the first version of this pattern, I still did not know Americans included seam allowances in their patterns, so I made it 1.5 cm wider all around. After reading some books, watching some videos and following some blogs, I figured out how other civilizations sew. Having seam allowances included, they tend to pin and sew the pieces together in the machine. I learned to sew from my mom, and all the women sewers around me follow the same method. We cut the pattern without seam allowances, pin it to the fabric, and cut this with wide seam allowances, specailly in the doubious places. Then we mark it with tailor tucks, take the tissue away, cut the tucks and baste the pieces together by hand for the first try. Only when it is perfect and ready, having made all the necessary adjustments, we sew it by the machine. After that, we take the basting thread out and proceed to finish the garment. Having followed this method all my sewing life -more than 20 years- I am not for change now. Besides, I believe this method makes more sense than simply pin the pieces together and machine sew it by imaginary lines.
Anyways, here is the seocnd version of the wrap dress, now in my perfect size. It feels wonderful, I think, because the fabric, a soft brown knit has a wonderful hang to the body and great movement when I walk.
Hope you like it. I have yet another version of this dress in mind for next winter.

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