Saturday, May 18, 2013

Little Black Not-Leather Dress

Something good and something bad have come out of this project. Bad first? Well, although a good imitation this fabric is nothing more than plastic, so you can imagine how I was sweating inside it in a rock concert I wore it to. To be positive, one can say it was like a sauna session. The fact that it is sleeveless, means that is has to be warm to wear it, but then this non-transpiration problem makes this a waste of time and money (not much of the last, it was a cheap bargain)
Now the good news: the idea and the design are, if we do not count the fabric choice) perfect. So, the positive outcome is double: first, it becomes a new project (I must find some real leather and make it again, but transpirable); second, I learnt something really important: never use non-transpirable, faux leather fabric ever again.
In the making of the dress, I kind of learnt some tricks to sew the faux leather in the machine. If the fabric is sticky and makes it difficult for the machine teeth to move it, cover the seam to sew with some pattern paper strips and remove them after having sewn it. It works perfect.

Here I am wearing it with my wonderful new Dr. Martens kick ass boots, beautiful with long socks.


  1. You look fantastic! I think this is a great dress and I love the way you wore it. That's interesting about using pattern paper on sticky fabric - I will have to try that sometime.

  2. Awesome dress! You look fabulous. Definitely do it in real leather and line it. Docs and socks = wow!!!


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