Monday, January 6, 2014

Cowgirl Shirt Dress

Hello! This is my last creation. I had been wanting a long shirt for some time now. It might seem an absurdity, but I like it! I decided to use a commercial pattern this time. It is a Burda pattern for a normal length shirt, which I simply made longer. Where I live, in Catalonia, we buy "pattern magazines," which can have 15 to 20 patterns in multiple sizes, for a total price of 4 or 5 euros. It is a good deal if you only use one of the patterns of the magazine, and then save it for future projects. Sometimes, I buy a magazine only for one pattern, and then when I am looking for some dress or blouse or whatever I want to make, I look at all my magazine collection and select a few suitable patterns, until I choose the one I like best. We buy a magazine almost every month, and just collect them. We have Patrones, Spanish, and Burda, from Germany.

As I have explained in previous projects, I prefer to draw my own patterns now that I know how to do it. They are far better than commercial ones, specially for tight clothes. But in this case, which required a lot of ease, I decided to use a model from Burda. It was perfect at first fitting, I did not have to modify anything. And of course, this is faster than drawing the block, all the special details, like neck, cuffs, yoke, etc.
In general, Burda has great patterns. You can observe how sleeves fit perfectly.

As I always do with shirts, I made all the seams encased in themselves, except the ones in the yoke that are encased inside it. Here I am wearing it with my Timberlands, which are beautiful, comfortable, warm and waterproof: just perfect.

In this close shot you can see the details, and the clip buttons, which are super fun to apply.


  1. The dress looks great. Can you tell me what Burda magazine pattern you used - the year and the pattern number? Thanks.

  2. Hello! This is pattern number 115 in size 42 from Burda Style 10/12 (october 2012). I omitted the breast pockets, and lengthened it. It is a very good pattern. Sleeves are perfect at first trial.

  3. So cute! It looks great on you. Your boots are AMAZING.

  4. Lucy! I love your blog and I admire your art, so thanks, many thanks for commenting!


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