Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Recently I have been looking into the different fabric sources I have where I live (180 km. from Barcelona). Karen, the blogger behind Did You Make That? published an article where she shared her best options living in London. I would like to share a Spanish fabric company I love, Cadena. It is expensive (very expensive) but the quality of their fabrics is top, and their designs as well. 
Here you have their website in English: I recommend you to click on "BOOK," for some inspiration. The designs are created and executed by Spanish professional dressmakers, and the results are amazing. You can find this catalogue in any atelier, they use it for inspiration to make clothes for their clients. I've always admired their ability to choose a design in a catalogue like this, and be able to draw a pattern to reproduce it, choose the wonderful fabric to imitate it, and make money out of it!

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