Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Skirt For My Hasbeens!


Has it ever happened to you that you believe in the utter need of possessing some pair of shoes, as if they were ABSOLUTELY necessary in your wardrobe (the more expensive, the more necessary they are) and when you get them, you don't know what to wear them with???

I am kind of familiar with the experience! And that is precisely the case with my winter Swedish Hasbeens (it also happened to me in the summer). I saw them online, and they were a PRIORITY in my life. At least I found them cheaper in the US, even if that meant involving my friend living there to receive them, try them on, show them to me via Skype, and send them to me. But they were more the 50% cheaper! I was extasic when I got them for Christmas.
Then I could only wear them with one dress (or with jeans and black), so I started to look for clothes to go with them, and I found this light maroon wool, perfect for them.

I used my long skirt pattern, making it shorter and dividing it in two pieces. Then, I added some pleats in the center front and back to give it  more moevement and grace. I applied fusible interfacing in the upper parts and lined all of it. 
It matches my shoes to perfection!

The skirt has a marked fold after sitting all day at school with it. And being pure wool, I cannot wash it...

Aren't they beautiful??? I am in LOVE with this shoes, man!


  1. Those shoes ARE fantastic, and your skirt complements them perfectly! What a great use of the theme!

  2. Yep, I know exactly what you mean! ;)
    Great job on the skirt.


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