Saturday, February 1, 2014

Fisher and Johnson!

My favourite occupation nowadays is sewing and watching good  TV serials simultaneously. After my work day, I do any errands or small tasks needed to be done, and then I sit in my sewing room with a good chapter of one of the bunch of TV serials I like. When my boyfriend calls me for dinner, I always have the feeling it was too short, and I protest and complain that I have to stop.

Today I would like to comment on a couple of those serials I like, not only for the entertainment but also for the sewing inspiration.

Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries was recommended by The Grande Dame in her sewing blog, both of them girls being from Australia. The series is a very good Whodonit, but the most fascinating of it all is the main character, Miss Fisher. 

A detective by occupation, she is so glamourous, brave, clever, and beautiful, one cannot avoid wanting to be her. She is a strong feminist character, defending her freedom and her right to enjoy life no matter what people say. Some old friend tells her:
-Is it true about your reputation?
-I'm afraid it is-she says, smiling.
-So, you are really a private detective?
-Oh! that too...

But what I love most of all is the 1920s fashion she displays. Coats, dresses, jackets, blouses and homewear are just wonderful. 

Her hats, leather bags, scarfs, and shoes are not to be missed, as well as her hairstyle -pure 1920s- and jewels.

 I love sewing retro, and the 50s and 60s are very inspirational in fashion terms, but I always think the roaring 20s are completely undervalued.

Talking about the 50s, we have been enjoying a real jewel this last fall: Masters of Sex. Virginia Johnson, like Miss Fisher, is a wonderful femenine model. Very good looking, amazing body, clever, independent, strong and sweet. 

I don't know if the real Virginia Johnson was up to the character, if she was, no wonder Billy couldn't resit her charm. 

She dresses very tight dresses that display her fabulous body shape. Shirt dresses appropiatte for the office, in dark, serious tones, and contrasting small collars. Coats and jackets are also beautiful. See for yourselves ;-).


  1. I am new to your blog but let me say... I started reading and couldn't get past "when my boyfriend calls me for dinner !!!" What?!?! You don't happen to have a training video on that concept do you? You know, you sew, he cooks and then calls you to dinner!

  2. Miss Fisher is very silly but so much fun! You would have loved the costume exhibition here in Melbourne. That purple velvet coat with the pale fur collar is a favourite of mine.


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