Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Leather Shorts

It happened again. Just when I was so glad I was three days from doing a trip and not madly sewing, it occurred to me I just needed leather shorts to go to the Prong concert in London. I had the pattern (my own), I had leather left form my leather dress, so I started sewing. 
I know the procedure to make some trousers by heart, so I cut the leather, I first did the fly and the pockets, and went on from there. I applied surgical tape next to the seams that can stretch, I hammered my seams open and then topstitched, I glued seams, all the procedure to sew leather is special. 
My Bernina sometimes breaks or unravels the thread, specially if the needle goes near the surgical tape. Avoid that and problem solver. Sometimes the machine skips stitches when there are too much layers, and that is a real problem and a small disappointment in my VERY expensive machine.
In spite of trying on the pants during construction, it is when we finish them that we really see if the are the right size. They have to be tight without pulling, and these were a little loose on the bum part, so I had to undo the waist band, enter the centre back seam 3 cm each side, and finish the waistband again. 
I used some organic cotton as lining, hanging form the waistband.
The result is almost perfect, oh yeah!

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