Friday, March 4, 2016

The Butterfly Controversy Dress

This is one of the fabrics I bought in Stone Fabrics last month. They have wonderful fabrics at very good prices, pity that the shipping costs to Catalonia are SO expensive. I am realizing the UK is fabric shopping paradise these days...

Well, I had a date with a friend of mine, I had just finished my new jacket a la Chanel (minus the embellishments, more on that later) and I wanted to wear it but I did not know what to match it with (when theoretically it a jacket to match everthing!). 

You know, the crazy seamstress that we have inside got really active and started sewing the previous day after dinner. I sewed the very day in my lunch break, and sewed all afternoon until it was finished, I cut all the threads and flew to the city to meet my friend. I do not know what is wrong with me and the totally crazy deadlines, me sewing like it was the end of the world and I have nothing to wear, me knowing this is crazy, me completely unable to put some sense and stop the madness!

 Well, the outfit was nice , I think, although the dress was too wide and needed major adjustments that I did the following day, with the hangover.

My man says it is an ugly dress that does not favour my figure. He does not like it at all. My friend said it was very nice, she was lying through her nose (I can tell, Marta :-*), but it was prior-repair. My students say they liked it, but they are six year olds and in love with their teacher, as it should be. The thing is I like it! When I found the pattern in my pattern collection (from Burda magazine) I was thrilled to have found just what I was looking for (which launched me into crazy seamstress madness), and the fabric pattern is a little bit loud, but my boyfriend says he likes the butterflies and little hearts, and that is not the problem. So, anyone, give me your sincere opinion, please?


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