Sunday, May 1, 2016

Wool Wrap Miniskirt

This is the second version of this skirt, and I am afraid it is not to be the last. 
I got this wool from Stone Fabrics. It is quite expensive, but I only bought 50 cm and it was enough.
The pattern is mine, devived from the long skirt I made, a success in my wardrobe. The wrap gives this skirt the perfect amount of ease to comfortably walk and sit, and still be around my contours. 
I took some fullness off the side seams, after I saw it was too wide at the bottom.

I lined the skirt with silk from HongKong, stitching it around the sides and the top of the skirt, folding it over, and topstitching it. I sew the bottom hem by hand and the lining to the hem allowance.
I love it, the colour and hang are perfect.

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