Sunday, April 24, 2016

My First Knitted Jumper!!

After knitting a beanie and a cowl, I was up for serious action and I decided to knit a jumper. It took me 1.5 years to finish it, but I do not knit as often as I sew, not by far. The think hooked me though, and I can't wait to knit me another one.
I used Katia's Merino 100% grey and black wool and 4.5 mm straight and circular needles.
For the pattern, I copied an old jumper of mine, and I'd like to record here all the measures and process. 
First, I knitted a 10 square cm swatch to get the measurements. I knitted the back and the front till the armpits where they were to be attached to the sleeves. Then I knitted both sleeves to the armpit, all of it with straight needles, garter stitch (knit all the rows) at the base and stockinette stitch (knit even rows, purl odd rows).
Using 4.5 mm straight needles, I knitted the back and then the front till the armpits. I drew the star at the computer and printed it. I then drew the star in a gridded paper that resembles my gauche, and followed the pattern row by row).I knitted then the two sleeves, using also straight needles.
At this point The Knitters Handy Book for Sweater Patterns became really handy! With the help of my knitting teacher, we came up with a scheme for the raglan sleeves.
For the star, we follow the pattern in the grid, only this time we have to drag both yarns to the other side of the triangle. This part of the star has a different texture, becoming a little bit bulky, but I like this!
When I arrrvied at the neck opening, I also followed the instructions form the Handy book.
At this point I realized my neck opening was too big, so I knitted a couple of rows more decreasing the raglans and closing more points. The neck was still a bit too big, so I closed all the points working with my yarn really tight. 
I knitted the neck band apart to squeeze as much neck opening as possible when I hand sewed it to the jumper with a back stitch. It worked. Next time, I have to have more control on that neck opening though.
For my first jumper, I am super happy with the result, and I will wear it a lot, I find it super cool!

You can see the exact pattern instrucitons in my Ravelry.

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