Friday, August 26, 2016

Shirt Dress V8970

 I love shirt dresses! Specially in summer, cotton shirtdresses are great. Retro and yet modern. Very femenine, specially with a Liberty print cotton like this. I bought it when I got my new Bernina, in the same shop. Expensive, but worth it. Light, sweet, cool and not much wrinkles. I took these photos after a long morning shopping around the city with my car in a VERY hot day, in Lleida.
The pattern I found it in the internet, and it is the last commercial pattern I will ever buy. EVER. I promise that. Two sizes big. I mean, two sizes!! After drawing the pattern pieces, taking the seam allowances off, checking they were roomy enough, but... that roomy????!!! 

I took a whole size down after the first fitting, with all the dress basted, and I think it is probably still too big. But in a way I like it being big, loooots of ease. 

And that is why I loved this pattern in the first place, because in spite of being a shirt dress, small at the waist and with a flared skirt, it is not trying to pretend I have some waist by putting a LOT of pressure in my reverse waist. I don't need that to drive and do errands in a hot summer morning. But I still like walking in style! Ha!
The pattern is still nice, though. I am not quite sure about those huge darts under the breast and over the skirt, shaping them both at the same time. Clever. But are they too high? Too deep? Would they be better if multiplied? I have the intention of revisiting this pattern again, the dress is comfy and becoming, so... not bad after all!


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