Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Black Jersey Minishort Copycat

A very simple but necessary kind of project, when I saw these Adidas minishorts on my friend Meri, I had to have them. 
So I borrowed them, and used the rub off technique described in this book, which is proving VERY useful, to copy them. They fitted me like a globe, so I only had to reproduce them exactly. In the final stages of construction I decided to put a couple of elasticated bands at the top insteat of a cord, between the topstitching lines.
For future reproductions, better not to topstitch the top part, only understitch it like in the model, to avoid some ruffling. Nothing serious, since it disappears when wearing them, but it makes the piece to protude slightly off the body.
Other than that, and the fact that this is not 100% cotton (thanks to the man in front of Saintbury's, who lied to me) perfect!

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