Sunday, October 30, 2016

Man Tracksuit Pants

Good news and bad news.
Bad news is "The man in front of Sainsbury's" is a sham. I was so proud of having met him, he seemed so eager to tell me the truth and nothing but the truth about fabric composition. Well, caught lying the lad. I bought and carried through the air three metres  of this s***t for nothing. He told me it was cotton, double sided, gorgeous. Well, it is not, at least not only cotton. Its blackness glows, it sticks to my iron if too hot and it burns like (to say the least) viscose, or worse, the feared and despised polyester. What a pity! Three metres, 140 cm wide.
Good news is I made a new custom fit pattern: tracksuit of my love.
I used Aldrich's book for menswear, drawing the flat paettern in paper with K's real measures. This is almost necessary in this particular case because he is so tall and thin, the standard sizing is always wide or short. Now this is proportionate, well fitting and becoming. A pattern to keep and use over and over. The man loves his traksuits. And burning them lighting the fireplace... hahaha! So, these will not be the last. I hope.

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