Thursday, January 8, 2015

Jersey Basics

After the last complicated and long projects, I decided to get back to basics, and sew myself some jersey pieces, two bodyshapers and some leggings. I am quite satisfied with the outcome.
I use the bodyshapers a lot in winter, under pullovers or dresses, and leggins are a basic in my wardrobe. 
Both are my patterns, from Aldrich's book, but I've had to make some adjustments (too much ease).
With this kind of pieces, I use the simple method of pinning the paper patterns to the fabric and cutting around them leaving only 1 cm seam allowance every where. No need to mark the fabric or baste it previously, only hold it in place with pins before...
...I machine stitched all the seams with a very narrow zigzag to allow them to give, since they are stretch jerseys (cotton/lycra). Then, I cut the seam allowances to 0.5cm, and zigzagged them, getting something similar to the overlock finish. I do not have a serger yet, so this is quite a good substitute.

This jersey skirt, also cotton/lycra, is for comfort at home. I simply used the ruboff method of putting my old but perfect skirt over the folded fabric and cutting around it, leaving 1 cm for seam allowance. I also made a pocket in front, put an ellasticated band into the waistband, made a machine-stitched hem, and started to enjoy it in fron of the fireplace!

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