Saturday, January 31, 2015

Wrap Linton Tartan Miniskirt

This is a wonderful outcome of the Françoise Dress I made a couple of months ago. I bought this fabric at Linton, and after cutting the dress I had some left, so I decided I had to make a preppy wrap miniskirt, which I've always adored. The fabric just asked for it! I also had some Hong Kong black silk habotai, left from the dress lining, so it was a perfect leftovers project. 

For this skirt I used my long skirt flared skirt pattern, which is perfect and it has had so many different versions and uses. I love it because it has no darts, and just the perfect flare. For the wrap fronts, I cut two three quarters (+4cm) fronts.

I put my muslin pattern pieces on the wool trying to match the tartan at the side seams. I staystiched the three patterns, and zigzagged all the selvages, since this fabric unravels like crazy. 

I machine stitched the two lateral seams and I did the same with the silk for  the lining. After ironing both, I attached the silk tot the wool, and sewed it together all around except for the bottom seam. Then, I turned it over, and topstitched all around it. I ironed it again, both fabrics together, and started to baste the quilting lines on the three pieces. This Linton fabric typically sags, and it has to be machine quilted as a Chanel jacket would.

Finally, I made the bottom seam. First, I basted it. I hand sewed it (this fabric conceals any stitches you can make, it's wonderful!), and finally I hand sewed with a slipstitch the silk at the bottom, covering the seam ending and protecting it from unraveling. Since the silk was quilted to the wool, it was really easy and fast to sew it at the bottom. 

The result is stunning, I really love it. I've always loved preppy tartan wrap miniskirts, and this is not the first one I make, but the fabric and the tricks I've learnt and used, make this my best go at it.

Here I just on my way to work at the school. I am wearing it with a black cotton bodyshaper, a cachemir jacket, dark stockings and my wonderful Timberland boots.

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