Thursday, January 7, 2016

Grey Tracksuit Pants


Nothing fancy here... just some cheap sweatshirt jersey I bought thinking it was cotton (and it is probably not, judging by its behaviour under the iron) and a rubbed off tracksuit pattern. 

I decided to add some pockets at the sides, a decision I am starting to regret and considering to undo...

Since the seam alloances are bulky here, I pressed them flat and stitched them down with the double needle.
This is the first version of the pants, but my image assessor told me their waist was too high, so I had to take it down!
 Now they are fine. Pockets add an extra bulk at my hips, but these are comfort pants and pockets are plus, so at the moment, they stay.
Adjustment (march 2018): finally the pockets went off. 

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