Saturday, January 30, 2016

Some Patchwork

I needed some holders for my kitchen and I decided to make them myself. I like the techniques used in patchwork, and some day I might even give it a try, but what really mesmerises me is the popularity of this discipline, which in my country at least, goes far beyond sewing clothes. 
There are big fairs here dedicated to patchwork, shops selling all the paraphernalia, courses happening everywhere... I think it is wonderful that it is so popular, but I do not understand how can it be better that sewing??? How many kid blankets, pot-holders and mats can one own? I have checked the two big creative fairs celebrated in Barcelona and Sitges, and the stands or brands dedicated to sewing clothes are almost nonexistent, while the stands selling notions, fabric or machinery for patchwork are hundreds. And it is not cheap to work in patchwork world, only the machines cost thousands! Recently I bought my Bernina precisely in a patchwork workshop in Lleida, neighbouring city. The owner has five Berninas and a quilting 3 metres long monster. Understand me, I think it is just great, but how come there is no sewing workshop? I can find patchwork fabric everywhere, but I have to buy my fabrics in England!

Anyways, sometimes human beings are puzzling...

Here I bought some thermic padding (I do not even know my words for patchwork, ha ha..) and some beautiful cotton, with some matching plain fabric to do the biases. I cut all the pieces, quilted them with my Bernina and its walking food, and finished them with the biases. First I tried to cut every side of the square, but in the second I decided to do it in a continuous line and the result was better. 
I felt pleasure in seeing how neat and proper it all looked at the end. Maybe I will do some more patchwork again in my life!

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